What is positive reinforcement?

    Positive reinforcement involves rewarding your dog with something he or she likes for doing what you ask of them. Because the reward makes them more likely to repeat the behavior, positive reinforcement is one of your most powerful tools for changing your dogs behavior and has proven much more effective than previously used techniques. Instead of learning what not to do, they learn what you expect in each situation.

    Your dog will associate you with a wonderful reward you provide which strengthens your bond and gives you YOUR BEST DOG EVER!
    Reward good behavior, ignore bad behavior!

    Let us help you get your Best Dog Ever!

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    Premier Pet Services
    20 minute & 40 minute walk
    20 minute walk $20
    40 minute walk $40
    Walk & train
    60 minutes $75
    I will take your dog for a 60-minute walk while training basic manners and general obedience. The training session will be tailored to your dogs needs.
    Field Trip
    2-3 hours $125
    I will take your dog to the dog park, a hike, stores that allow dogs, and much more. I will get to know what your pup likes or dislikes and tailor the experience to suit each individual dog.

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    • Certified Dog Trainer


    What Our Client Says

    We are so glad to have found Amanda! She helped us with our sweet big boy Coby from the early puppy stages through adulthood. She adores dogs, and that shows through every training session. She’s always upbeat and has such positive energy, which makes the training fun for the dogs and for humans. We learn something new every time we see her. Her positive training techniques have been key in helping us grow our relationship with Coby. We cannot recommend her enough!

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